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The organization aims to work on the implementation of projects and is based on the support and assistance of individuals, individuals and non-governmental and non-governmental officials of any governmental body by other institutions and internal bodies by receiving unconditional assistance in the service of humanity through the implementation of projects for the institution

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As voluntary work is a fundamental part of the assistance by a group or a number of people who decide to help themselves and without any pressure on them by any side or their selves in return for the circle or on the other hand, either the types of voluntary work is recognized either intellectually or physically or professionally, The goal is to accomplish the tasks and the competition in the work of goodness and this is one of our methods of choice and objectives

Our Activites

The purpose of these goals is to achieve our objectives during the last eleven years that started under the name of the Refugee Union (the Refugee Association for Refugees and Displaced Persons). It has the ability to assist and support the displaced in the first class inside and outside Iraq and to complete the legal instructions for refugees at the time of deportation or immigration. Find solutions at your departure time at your travel

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The Summit Foundation for Refugee

Photostory of Refugee


The victim
The Missing

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21/6 The International day for Refugee