The kurdish refugee corps returned to Kurdistan regional government

The corps of the Kurdish refugee that committed a suicide last week in one of the hotels of Birmingham city of UK, is returned to Sulaimaniyah international Airport From his relatives and his friends and delegations  summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs was greeted on Sunday morning at 3:00 o’clock 10th of February 2019 […]Read More


International Federation of Iraqi Refugees Know the Refugee Federation: The Federation of Iraqi Refugees is a non-governmental and humanitarian organization. It is established to offer voluntary services to Kurdish and Iraqi refugees externally and on European countries scale and internally in Kurdistan. It defends international rights of refugees, provision of humanitarian services is a part […]Read More

The IFIR exposed the true factors of the current crises

ON 15 Sep 2015 at the request of the German Consulate in Erbil, representatives from IFIR visited their office. The representatives consisted of Dashty Jamal – The IFIR Secretary, Amanj Abdulah – IFIR, Kurdistan Reigon representative and Ari Jalal -Sulaimaniya Branch representative. At their meeting, The IFIR team met with The General Consulate of Federal […]Read More

Don’t let our Children be a victims of your War

Demonstration held in Sulaymaniyah in support of refugees On Sunday 13 September the following organizations International Federation of Iraqi refugees kurdistan branch , Center to defend children rights in Kurdistan and Kurds refugee council in Suleymaniyah held a Demonstration at mid-day in barika camp in Sulaymaniyah. The demonstration was attended by the refugees held in […]Read More

Campaigns and activities.

Since the terror organization known as ISIS suddenly overtook a large portion of Iraq and Syria as well as creating a genuine threat to the locals in those areas, many people, fearing for their lives, left for the three main Kurdistan cities from Baghdad, Anbar, Tkrit, Mousil and Shengar, which approximately numbered over two million. […]Read More

IFIR is against force deportation of Iraqi refugees.

On 17th Feb 2018 International Federation of Iraqi Refugees organised a meeting regarding the current situation of Iraqi refugees in Germany and that country’s policy regarding the deportation of Iraqi refugees. In this meeting, the current unstable situation of Iraq and Kurdistan region were discussed, especially, in view of those citizens whom have left this […]Read More

A Smile for Displaced Children

In the 2016 – 2017, the Federation cooperated with the Swiss organization “AVC”, provided medical assistance such as respirators and medical purposes to the immigrants. Also provided finance support for Surgery to 11 immigrants. And to the beginning of a new year 2017, the Federation cooperation with the Swiss organization (AVC) organized a large ceremony […]Read More

Our initial activities

During the first four years of Kurdistan’s branch of IFIR from its initiation, we were a grate party to forcible/voluntary deported refugees in helping them. The federation has been able to present the Iraqi and Kurdish parliament with a reintegration project. Meanwhile, the federation tries to obtain help and support, from either the Iraqi government, […]Read More