Month: <span>February 2019</span>

Return Refugee child body to the region of Kurdistan Iraq

  In the afternoon of this day as 21-02-2019 with the attend Mr. Shex  HUSIEN HAMA SALIH and the represented  of the Summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs and the Iraqi an  console inside Greek . also the citizen by the name of NUZAD MUHAMMED HASSAN the father of the dead child . the […]Read More

International organization for migration (IOM) announcing the latest statistic

International organization for migration (IOM) reveals, the homeless dossier have inconclusive yet in Iraq by the latest statistic now more than one million homeless available from Iraq in addition to end of warfare and destroy Islamic state organization According to International organization for migration (IOM), which is supported by Zanlo George town about the condition […]Read More

An Iraqi refuge killed his wife from Turkey, the summit

An Iraqi refugee from one of the UN organization camps from turkey kills his wife and the summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs return the corps for Iraq On Thursday at 7th of January 2019 in polo city from turkey in one of the UN organization camps kills his wife by knife. Immediately after […]Read More

The kurdish refugee corps returned to Kurdistan regional government

The corps of the Kurdish refugee that committed a suicide last week in one of the hotels of Birmingham city of UK, is returned to Sulaimaniyah international Airport From his relatives and his friends and delegations  summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs was greeted on Sunday morning at 3:00 o’clock 10th of February 2019 […]Read More