Our activity inside and outside Kurdistan region

 Our activity inside and outside Kurdistan region
  1. In 2013, after the arrival of refugees from Kurdistan of Syria, in collaboration of the Federation and other organizations in the city of Sulaymaniyah, we had a large campaign of aid that lasted for two years and through it we  received many aids such as baby milk, necessary tools for small house, Through our pregnancy benefited 14,000 families in  camps of Sulaimaniyah, we got assistance from outside the country through our representatives in European countries and inside the Kurdistan region, such as the Faruq group companies.

On 22 April 2014, after the capture most of Iraq’s land by Da’sh which led to the highest level of displacement in the southern and central of Iraq to the Kurdistan Region, the Federation worked with charitable and non-governmental organizations to provide Humanitarian aid for displaced families and through our representatives from outside country. We received a lot of assistance and distributed aid for the camps of (Arbat, Sulaymaniyah, Bazian, ,Sitak, Tasuluja and Raprin) about 24,000 people were benefited from our assistance (such as food, clothing, house chicks, milk and women’s pursuers)

On February 5, 2015, our Federation with charitable organizations provided large assistance to Syrian Kurdish refugees of who live in the camps of Sulaymaniyah.

  1. In December 2015, Federation cooperation with central activity of Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance, such as food and shelter, to 6,000 families in the Arabt and Ashti camps. In the same year we received 1 ton medical assistance from European countries to Kurd in Syria to activate the hospitals of their area.
  2. In 2015-2016 due to the wave of migration from the Kurdistan region to the European countries, we received thousands of contacts by immigrants who asked the Federation for assistance. Through our representatives we provided assistance for them in the camps. Also we made many recommendations for migrants in order not to take the wrong steps and provided legal counsel and documentations to use in resolving their problems in court. All these services free of charge through the Immigrants Federation. As a result, 17 refugees received the right of asylum after supporting them and studying their problems.
  3. In 2015, after the arrest 83 Iraqi immigrants in UK, we provided consulting assistance and lawyers to solve their problems as soon as possible, and gave recommendations to the Ministry of the Interior for release them.
  4. In 2016,we provide assisted for 341 Arab and Kurdish immigrants in various areas, such as:  translated 29 cases of immigrants, 11 immigrants got the house, 19 immigrants who received the acceptance and, 41 received lawyers when they requested the right of asylum And provided assistance to 64 migrants where imprisoned in various areas.
  5. We gave support and assistance to 65 families imprisoned in (Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria), through our support we granted two families were granted the right of asylum in France, and four families in Germany and a one family in Sweden.
  6. In the same year we held (7) conferences for Kurds residing in UK.
  7. In the same year we held (6) concerts for Kurds residing in other European countries.


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