The IFIR exposed the true factors of the current crises to the German Consulate in Erbil.

 The IFIR exposed the true factors of the current crises to the German Consulate in Erbil.

ON 15 Sep 2015 at the request of the German Consulate in Erbil, representatives from IFIR visited their office. The representatives consisted of Dashty Jamal – The IFIR Secretary, Amanj Abdulah – IFIR, Kurdistan Reigon representative and Ari Jalal -Sulaimaniya Branch representative. At their meeting, The IFIR team met with The General Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany Mr Mark Eichhorn, Eike Hendrik Krebs Consul (Political and Humanitarian affairs), Ihsan Walzi advisor for Political affairs and Public Relations, and Aras Karim – Assistant Desk officer for political affairs and Humanitarian Aid..

At the meeting Dashty Jamal showed appreciation for all the support and help the German people have given to the refugees. He also spoke about the continuing political crisis in Kurdistan and the social crises that continue to face the Kurds, and why Kurdish citizens choose to live as refugees rather than remain in Iraq. Mr Jamal stated that after 24 years of the current administration in the Kurdistan Region people are still not sure about their security and future particularly the future of their children. They do not have the basic necessary services they deserve.
Mr Jamal continued to explain that the current administration and the forces ruling it are more concerned about their self interests and regional allies over the interests of their own citizens. They are selling the concept of unification with the rest of the Iraqi mainland which is inundated with terror, killing and uncertainties. The five parties running the current administration claim to provide a good life for its citizens, however, what has been seen is that they are busy with their own struggle for power ignoring the needs of the people, as well as allowing the clouds of the ISIS crisis to take over the security of people’s livelihood.
The IFIR secretary also explained that people see the current parties and administration favoring their own kind over the general public and how people are disenchanted with the current ruling elite. The ruling elite has not only prevented people from free demonstration, they have killed and arrested young demonstrators who protest against them.
The consulates view is that there are free press and newspapers in the Kurdistan Region. However, Mr Jamal explained that “we can’t assume that there is security in Berlin if we have fight and unrest in Munich” He continued “ Kurdistan Region is part of Iraq and the current administration has been killing journalists and students who were against them and thirty five thousand women have been murdered in the last twenty four years. Hence these are the reasons why people migrate and leave their homeland seeking refuge elsewhere.
During the discussion, The IFIR secretary elaborated on the activities the federation had undertaken and how they are collaborating with other international organizations helping refugees. The discussion also covered the asylum seekers deported from the EU countries, and Mr Jamal explained that so far there have been 6000 deportees to the Kurdistan Region and many reports and demands have been sent to the parliament for their welfare, however to date there has been no response.
The IFIR team submitted the signatures and support of 26 organizations in support of the refugees fleeing to Europe asking the EU parliament to open their doors to avoid death and struggle. The consulate thanked the team and confirmed that they will send their requests to Berlin and will soon visit the Sulaimaniya Branch for further discussion.
11 Sep 2015


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