International Federation of Iraqi Refugees

Know the Refugee Federation:

The Federation of Iraqi Refugees is a non-governmental and humanitarian organization. It is established to offer voluntary services to Kurdish and Iraqi refugees externally and on European countries scale and internally in Kurdistan. It defends international rights of refugees, provision of humanitarian services is a part of its projects to relief, cooperate, aid and orientate refugees in addition to all those who have been suffering from dire political situations of Iraq due to fights respective struggles that have taken place causing social, religious and ethnic rivalry disorder and obliging people seek safer heaven away from their own place of origin.

Objective of Federation:

  • It persistently strives to provide various types of humanitarian aid and cooperation to the displaced people and refugees flowing into Kurdistan Region.
  • It constantly attempts to obtain funds and cooperation from humanitarian and international organization for refugees in Kurdistan Region.
  • It works to find cooperation and funds for deported refugees to Kurdistan Region.
  • It works to find decent jobs for deported refugees to Kurdistan Region by taking their field of expertise into consideration.
  • It works to reunite refugee and displaced family members who suffer from refuge seeking problems.
  • It works closely with Kurdistan Region Government, Government of Iraq including their authorities and related departments to find suitable solutions for the youth who illegally seeking asylum abroad.
  • It is a permanent advocate to obtain refugee rights for Kurdistan Refugees abroad.


For the sake of meeting our objectives, Kurdistan Region Federation of Refugees during eight years of establishment was able to prove itself as a very good aid of refugees both internally and externally by giving legal instructions at time of leaving and seeking job opportunities in public and private sectors for both refugees and deportees.

The Federation works to recover immigrants who lost their lives abroad, searches for those who disappeared, provides funds to war victims such as (nutrition, clothing, household requirements, etc.), in addition to provision of medicine, medical equipment, ambulances and settling payment of medical surgery and costs of refugees and displaced people getting treatment in Kurdistan Region public and private hospitals.

The Federation established relationship with foreign organizations to come to Kurdistan Region and to organize different types of festivals for refugee students inside refugee camps and to give gifts and prizes as a matter of motivation.

The Federation of Refugees Activities in 2017 to 2018:

Our Federation was able to accomplish the following activities last year:

  1. Provision of 2000 (two thousand) heater appliance cooperated by the Swiss AVC organization for refugees and displaced people settled in all three governorates of Kurdistan Region.
  2. Provision of more than one million ton of different type of medicine and two ambulances for the refugee settlements.
  3. Settling financial payment for medical surgery made for eleven refugees and displaced people in private hospitals.
  4. Memorization of the International Day of Refugees in Kurdistan Region by our Federation and conducting various types of events and activities.
  5. Freeing more than 76 refugees detained in European countries who were convicted to be deported from those countries.
  6. Assisting and orientating of more than 288 refugees in regards to asylum seeking application.
  7. Assisting and facilitating the return of 288 refugees assisted by Counter-Terrorism Agency and who were deported by Turkey to Syria.
  8. Freeing and returning of 370 willing refugees to return from detainment of Turkey and European countries prisons to Iraq.
  9. Returning the remains of 26 Iraqi citizens who lost their lives immigrating out of Iraq.
  10. Continuous follow-up, sending required data and making medical searches to find disappeared citizens out of the country in 2017 and early 2018, there were 34 disappeared citizens who lost their lives in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, Turkish, Iranian and Greece boarders. DNA results successfully found 7 immigrant dead bodies.
  11. Freeing and returning four children who were lost from their parents and reunited with their families.
  12. Funding and cooperating financially to families of several refugees and displaced people both internally and externally by making payment of house rents and household requirements.

Last year, in return to activities accomplished voluntarily, the Federation of Refugees was awarded with four appreciation prizes and PhD honorary certificate worldwide and internally.


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