The role of the Federation in helping Iraqis in and out of a country

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After (2005) European countries worked on the policy of arrest and Deport Iraqis, the first step of the Federation against this decision is to stop Deportations through airports of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and the Federation worked hard to classify and collect information about all immigrants in region base on their cities and study their issues and give them a solution to their problems.

From the beginning of the establishment of the Federation office in Sulaymania, provided many services such as: collecting names of refugees and classifying them base on their regions and cities in Kurdistan, set a forum for all refugees with all the details, and through that the Federation representatives visited refugees for solving their problems.

The Federation worked on collect signature by politician’s members of a parliament of Iraq and Kurdistan to stop Deportation by the European Union countries and given many projects to the parliament about given assistance and finance to refugees Iraq.

The Federation Services Department has study the situation of deportation refugees through collecting information about them,we have found work for them inside Government sector and civil sector.

So as tore-establish their lives, also we have worked on returned most of the refugees to their previous job in the government. And we gave Advice for those whom suffer from psychological condition so as not put their live in risk.

We worked on the lives of refugees and brought more support through shed more light on the issues by films life of the refugees deported to Kurdistan to raise their voice, from this point we get the largest support to help them.