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During the first four years of Kurdistan’s branch of IFIR from its initiation, we were a grate party to forcible/voluntary deported refugees in helping them. The federation has been able to present the Iraqi and Kurdish parliament with a reintegration project.

Meanwhile, the federation tries to obtain help and support, from either the Iraqi government, Kurdish government or the international as well as local organisations with regards to this matter.

During our first four years, we were able to offer the following services:


  1. Making complete application forms for returnees and the deported refugees and sorting the data in order of area as well as following up/investigating their cases by designating local representatives.

2. Other services we have been able to provide include: General information forms, sickness forms, employment opportunity forms and passport forms. Through the help we have provided, many of its recipients have been able to resolve their concerns.

3. Attempt to find employment for the deported persons, in public and private sector.

4. IFIR has drawn up a project about the deported and has presented it to both, Iraqi and Kurdish parliaments as well as the relevant committees. With respect to this matter, IFIR has so far, in a civil manner, initiated and

5. Offering help to those whom were psychologically unstable (apparent suicidal in some cases), which we are happy to report that so far, we have been able prevent many individuals from certain death and we continue to offer this form of help on regular basis.

6. Identifying the specifics of the deported persons concerns to the official and relevant agencies and to the media, in which case so far, several programs and documentaries have been made.