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Since the terror organization known as ISIS suddenly overtook a large portion of Iraq and Syria as well as creating a genuine threat to the locals in those areas, many people, fearing for their lives, left for the three main Kurdistan cities from Baghdad, Anbar, Tkrit, Mousil and Shengar, which approximately numbered over two million.
With the intention of helping the refugees as well IDPs, IFIR organized a number of meetings with several NGOs and known civil activists in Slemani city and as a result on 10th of August 2014 (HSRCSO) campaign was announced. After its preparations by several NGOs, parties, political organizations and civil activists, the campaign was announced in a press conference, as a result of which draw attention from all walks of life and everyone was asked to contribute in any way they possibly can to aid the victims of war.
What’s noteworthy was the response to the campaign from everyone, which actively and generously everyone contributed to the gathering centers. The contributors’ eagerness and generosity was at a level where it encouraged us to further our campaign in opening more centers. So much so, donations were made at a level that we had to, in many cases, open our centers for several days and nights non-stop.
During (HSRCSO) campaign, the individuals from cooperative organizations voluntarily and on their own financial support, day and night, were taking part in this campaign and were getting the received aid to the victims.
Such campaign, which continued for over 22 days with an open door and regularly attending refugees as well as IDPs, no doubt deserves forgiveness and acknowledgement with regards to the voluntary responsibility of all its members which performed at an exceeding level of their abilities.
Participants in the mentioned campaign were 11 organizations with IFIR as a leading organization, support from KRG parliament presidency and Slemani city governorate.
We, in the campaign, were able to get help/aid to as many as (1014 families and 250 children) in Slemani district: Slemani city, Derbendikhan, Qeredagh, Chemchemal, ‘Erbet, Ranie, Hajiawa, Cchwarqwrne, Raperin, Tasluje, Piremegrun, Sitek and Chwarta, where thousands of women and children from Shingal, Mekhmur, Kerkuk and Diale benefited from.
The provisions we were able to provide in our most recent campaign are as follow:
Rice, cooking oil, sugar, tomato puree, cuscus, chick peas, lentils, beans, bread, water, sweets, juice, tinned food i.e. meat, chicken, fish…etc.
Infant needs i.e. milk, diapers, wet napkins and toys.
Providing seasonal clothing for men, women and children, which everyone was in need, especially, since they had just left everything behind.
Other items included rugs, carpets, blankets, pillows, cooking equipment and cool boxes.
With the aid and support of Kurdish residents in Germany, we continue to support refugees/IDPs and, in this respect, we formed a new group (GHKR) as a result of which we were able to provide 6 tons of clothing to the refugees who were settled inside Slemani city as well as other camps in ‘Erbet, Derbendikhan, Kelar, Barike, Qeredagh region, Sitek, Chwarchra cathedral, Rzgari cathedral, Ri’aie cathedral, Piremegrwn, Raperin, Dukan and Bainjan
On 11th December 2015 IFIR distributed aid (Rations such as rice, beans, peas, pasta, sugar, salt, and oil…ECT) over the refugees/IDPs in (Erbet and Ashti) camps, of which more than 2000 families benefited from.
Due to the ongoing war in North Syria A.K.A (Rojawa) against ISIS and destruction of the medical/health sector, there was a great need for revitalizing that specific sector, IFIR in cooperation with HAWAR (Syrian charity organization) delivered 2 tons of medical aid, which was specifically for women and children, to North Syria.