International organization for migration (IOM) announcing the latest statistic

 International organization for migration (IOM) announcing the latest statistic

International organization for migration (IOM) reveals, the homeless dossier have inconclusive yet in Iraq by the latest statistic now more than one million homeless available from Iraq in addition to end of warfare and destroy Islamic state organization

According to International organization for migration (IOM), which is supported by Zanlo George town about the condition of homeless from Iraq and it declared that one million eight hundred thousand citizens are homeless from Iraq now and they need international humanitarian support but nearly four thousand family settlement out of the camps and by the statistics demonstrated that that citizens which are homeless inner Iraq they were live in rent house during all long time which they are homeless

And the International organization for migration (IOM) shed light and described about the homeless livelihood which are during the displaced time they have been groaned with unemployment and for continues with their live they have been depending by rent and supporting  the organizations and  compulsory to decrease the quality  of their life

In The report of International organization for migration (IOM) statement the major cause for unreturned the asylums for their native in order of security reason destroy the saved region and desolation their home.

And statement in another part of International organization for migration (IOM) report in february2016 that ISIS forays from Nineveh Salahadin and another city reached fever pitch and the number of asylum increased for three million and forty two thousand citizens but now in addition to all problems  before return the asylums the number of asylums decrease nearly six million to two million asylum, at 10/7/2017 Haidar Abady the former prime minister statement the end of Islamic state from  Mosul city, but after these that organization started to kidnap people

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