Germany … and the story of refugees being deported by fingerprint at the airport by other countries.

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After five and a half months in the camps in Germany, the young man demanded that he be deported to Finland. He then wound himself with the knife and took him directly to the hospital.

A young Kurd named (Salar) and after six days and twenty-six days in Germany and after a promise to stay in this city, but suddenly one night entered the German police and conducted their work without warning and took him and his family and will be deported to Sweden.


Reber is another young man from the city of Sulaymaniyah. Since the spring of 2017 he was on his way to emigration, where he spent five months before arriving in the German camps. But on the morning of the second day, German police raided and placed him at the airport and deported him to Rome, Italy. Days at the airport they then threw out into the street and told him to come back ten days later.

Safa is also a disabled young man with special needs from the city of Samarra. In the event of an explosion in their city, he lost his leg completely and this is not enough for people who are forcibly deported. After four months in Germany, police raided their home and forcibly deported him to Finland.


Ahmed is another young man who has been in Sweden for almost four years and on his way to Germany for five months in one of the camps where he settled. But at the time he was sent by force and forced at the airport, he did not board the plane and returned to Germany. He is currently being held by German police and sentenced to one month in prison and then forcibly deported to Sweden.


These stories, which we mention below, are the stories of these refugees, who are in foreign camps because of the handprints of the country they traveled to, and every day in Germany, who were previously deported. This is in accordance with the humanitarian situation of refugees.


Any problem with refugees is that when traveling to European countries, they must work on a fingerprint. After going to another country, this footprint becomes the biggest barrier to their travel, and they can not get rid of it and return home.

In the past, refugees tried to terminate and cancel their handprints at airports and travel after spending six months in foreign countries. One of these roads, when they arrive for the last and sixth months, hide themselves from sight, but now in some countries such as Germany and the beginning of the last month.


Now, in Germany, one of the most important countries that sent a large number of refugees to their country, according to government statistics in the previous year thousands of refugees have sent them to these countries, who have fingerprinted at their airports. As for the Iraqi refugees and the Kurds in the Kurdistan region and his way of surprise and unusual in the camps can see one person does not have the right to asylum.

And before making any decision to migrate by these citizens in the Kurdistan region to the European countries. They need to find a strong side to support them in these European countries. They must take precautions that in any of these countries that they do not fall into the wrong handprint at the European airports if their destination is to go to Germany. This country represents Greece (not allowed to deport or transit from three to six months allowed to stay in the camp), Romania, Italy, Serbia, Austria, has not been arrested in this country and did not work any fingerprint