Several member of immigrant have been arrested from the boundary of Greece

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A number of immigrants were arrested on the border of Greece, Summit Foundation asks their relatives to communicate with them.

On Sunday, March 9, 2019 news of the arrest of 327 migrants between the borders of Turkey and Yunnan, according to Turkish news agencies, and the Foundation summit is trying to find solutions and the clearance of these migrants.

The Turkish news agency reported that the Turkish Coast Guard and Turkish border guards arrested 327 migrants who tried to go to Europe through illegal immigration.

According to the news, a group of immigrants were Arab Iraqis and after their arrest, they were placed in the Immigration Department located in Jordan.

The president and founder of the Refugee and Displaced Persons’ Organization, Dr. Ali Jalal, said that these arrests are taking place and that very few Kurds and Arabs are being detained because of this type of migration. But no one has asked Iraqis to free them from these arrests in foreign countries.

“To receive information we have contacted Turkish prisons, but as of Monday we can not know the nationality of each of these detained migrants.

President of the Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Persons, asks people and all those who are related or close to these detained migrants to communicate with the Summit Foundation for Assistance and Release of Detainees