In the Greek camps the Kurds are threatened with murder by the ISIS

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A number of Arab refugees, members of those who supported a supporter during the two months in one of the Greek camps, pressed the Kurds and threatened to kill them.

In a hotel in the Ekituduri district of Corinth, a number of Arab refugees approached nine Arab Arabs who threatened to kill Kurds.

These Arab refugees belonging to the terrorist organization known as Badash have threatened Kurdish women and forced them to wear the headscarf and specifically threatened children and intimidated them so as not to play in front of them.

In these events on the 20th of December 2019, the Kurds contacted IOM and the Ministry of Refugees in Greece and informed them of these threats and threats. Immediately, Dimitas Vittas, the Greek Minister of Refugees, adopted the matter and ordered the Greek security as soon as possible. These refugees.

On the other hand, the hotel official handed over a list of the names of members of the Greek security guards and follow them. These refugees always cause problems for other refugees, especially Kurds, and threaten to kill them.

At the event, the Greek Refugee Ministry told Okeida that these nine refugees who caused the problems had violated the asylum laws and would isolate them in other camps and at the same time they would follow them up and investigate them so as not to cause trouble and inconvenience to anyone else.

According to eyewitnesses, “the situation of the half of the Kurds in these camps is difficult and tragic and always one of these nine Syrian Arabs,” one of our brothers who kill them in Syria, we will cut off the head of each of you, and our brothers in our land are the angels of God and not you Right to their ears “.

These eyewitnesses also mentioned in the previous period that three of these Arabs in Bobapa Metellini attacked the Kurds with a knife and wounded a number of Kurds and wounded them.