Innovation prize from UK bestowed to a Kurdish refugee women

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This year in United Kingdom a woman got a prize innovation bestowed to a Kurdish refugee woman.


Which she innovate with environment.  her innovation protect the earth with a big pollution



The United Kingdom’s innovation agency, bestowed prize creative to a Kurdish woman which originally From south of Kurdistan region composite 66 thousand American dollars with some programs and Requirements for the project performance

Vania Esmael indicated a special polish for disposable cup, and can use the cups again.


Vania declare to news agency “BBC” my marriage and being a mother for three children notStop  me to work.  Us I interest with chemical never I stop with thinking till I will make it with practical.


Every year in the UK they throw away 90 million disposable and plastic cups, but after perform the project whole world use this process for improve the environment and save it form trash all this success belonged to the this project.


Vania Esmael’s age 45 years old she is originally from Erbil but at 1993 she moved to UK as refugee and she finished chemical department from Salahadin University .