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Of the humanitarian assistance provided by The Summit Foundation For  Refugee and Displaced Affairs its humanitarian assistance to two families from the Zakho province. The two families lost in the Aegean Sea- Turkey, the majority of whom have lost and died.

On Monday, April 1-2019, two families from the Governor of  Zakho visited the Summit Foundation in Sulaymaniyah  province and announced that last year a number of their family members had been faced an accident in the Aegean Sea when the boat that was traveling on their way to the immigration overturned. Those whose fate is still unknown are still missing.

-Mahabad Isma’il Ali, during her attendance at the Summit Foundation, indicated that on 9/10/2018 while on their way from Turkey to the European country and in the middle of the sea, they were subjected to an accident, the boat capsizing in the Aegean Sea, causing the sinking of her husband known as Abdullah and her children (Yousef, Younis, Hanar, Maryam) under her site have drowned and they have lost.

She said the body of her husband and one of her children had been found, but the fate of the other three children was still unknown, and so far she had survived on her own, going through a miserable life.

At the same time, Barzan Abdul Wahab, one of the relative families of the two families who lost in the Aegean Sea, pointed out that on the day of 9/10/2018, members of his brother’s family (Shorsh Abdulwahab) were on their way to emigrate while the boat capsized causing their lives to be lost. His body was found.

He also said in the incident that the fate of (Hanar Hashim), wife of (Shorsh Abdul Wahhab) and Mother  five other children whose names (Hersh, Solin, Yussef, Himeen, Dalkash and Haroun) are still unknown. without her family and children.

In order to find the members of the two families and know their fate today in the city of Zakho, they arrived in the province of Sulaymaniyah and went to the Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs and promised them that all humanitarian assistance will be provided by DNA testing and finding the bodies.

It is noteworthy that at the time of this incident, The Summit Foundation for refugees and displaced Affairs assisted Mr. Kawa Rikani to return the bodies of four of those who died on the way to the Kurdistan region, and the three of them were from these families who lost their loved ones. The fourth body was a Kurdish immigrant who lost his life in the same incident. At the same time, the Summit Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs provided all humanitarian and material assistance and assumed responsibility for the return of the missing persons.

The Summit  Foundation for Refugees and Displaced Affairs  continues to support and provide all possible assistance to migrants and displaced Affairs who were on the migration routes and those who lost their lives or who have their Missing .

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