A Kurdish family rescued from a Turkish prison

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On Thursday April 25th,2019, after illegally landing in Spain, a Kurdish family who had flew from Turkey  got arrested, the Summit Foundation supported them to get released.

On March 24th,2019, a Kurdish family who are originally from Sulaimanyiah,  consisting of four, named (Dlnia Osman, Sirwan Hassan, Mhamad Sirwan, Lania Sirawan), caused by travelling by fake passport from Turkey airport to Spain, but after landing in Spain airport the fake passport was revealed and police arrested them.

after sent to Spain Jail and staying there for 13 days, deported to Turkey and stayed in Turkey jail for 12days.

but on Thursday April 25th,2019, by support of Kurda yashar representative The Summit Foundation for Refugee and Displaced Affairs and  directorate of immigration in Turkey  released reached to Sulaymaniyah International airport

“We stayed in a Spanish jail for 13 days, and witnessed several horrific situations, including suicide attempts by to – be – deported prisoners and severe fights among them,” Dlnia Osman said. She also added “during the period they stayed in custody in the Spanish prison. The meals that we had about biscuit and this dirty water they used to take it toilet.”

Also the migrants mentioned ”after they deported to Turkey, and stay in the prison for 12 a days, they treaded well and they don’t have any issue inside Turkish prison and they already give them three meals a day and it was so good,”.

the reason of their travelling by illegal way was to finding a cure for Dlnia a mother of two children also to find and register a new life for themselves for their children but instead of this they faced a miserable life and they spent all they have from moony on this immigration way

One of the illegal way to flee to the Europe countries using the forged passport which have very bad effect and make migrants faced with bad situation but this event should be repeated every day.