Two Kurdish women have become members of the European Parliament

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In the elections to the European Federal Parliament from 23 to 26 of this month, which took place in 28 European countries, two Kurdish women have achieved success among the five Kurdish candidates who are originally from Kurdistan and whose names are on the EU list.

For each of (Avin Enger) Which leads the list of Swedish social democracy

And (Ozlem Alf Demeral) Who is the head of the German leftist party, who has the ability to run for European parliamentary elections and bring more votes

,and under the official direction of the Swedish and German parties those Two women entered into the European Union.

The Kurdish political activist (Avin Enger), who heads the Swedish Social Democratic List, has nominated herself from among 20 political chairs to make her country preside over the list of candidates and collect winning seats.

(Ozlem Demirel) she’s the head of the list of her party and was able to collect a chair of five seats in her party and also managed to win a chair in parliament. This is a Kurdish woman aged 35, originally from northern Kurdistan. She lived in Germany for 30 years and had a relationship with the leftist German party and she has a good political ability. She was devoted to serving the German people. For a long time she had a high position in her party And also, for a years, she became president of the party union in Nordrhein-Westfalen.