In Germany, the form of force deportation for Iraqi refugee was discussed.

 In Germany, the form of force deportation for Iraqi refugee was discussed.

On july 24,2019, the summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs representatives in Europe have visited the Iraqi embassy in German from Frankfurt city, for discussing Iraqi refugee force deportation form, by presence Shahram Hama, who is the representative of the summit foundation in Europe, and Ghambar tofiq the representative of the summit foundation in German at Frankfurt city. They were hosted by Dr. Shahryar Qadir Jaff  the ambassador of Iraq in Germany,

During the meeting they were discussed regarding Iraqi refugee in Europe and their human rights general, especially force deportation form for Iraqi refugee in Germany, and request to never let Germany to send the Iraqi refugee back to Iraq

Dr. Shahryar Qadir jaff showed the gratitude to The Summit Foundation for all the aid and help for Iraqi refugee inside and outside of Iraq.  He was happy the Summit foundation is an Iraqi foundation, and they are working in such wide range for human rights in general and for refugees specific

The Summit Foundation representatives talked about The Summit future and past projects or activity, also the problem that are facing the Iraqis when they immigrate. Especially the problem when the Europe countries are returning back the immigrants back to their country without theirs willing.

Dr. Shahryar Qadir jaff was totally against sending back the refugees by force. Also the embassy and Dr.Shahryar Qadir jaff showed full support for The Summit foundation and will help in any way the can.

And they added The Summit foundation working hard for human rights especially for refugee. A bridge of communication was build between The Summit foundation staff and the Iraqi embassy in Germany to exchange information upon necessary

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