An important statement from The Summit Foundation about the situation that is happening now in Turkey-Greece border.

 An important statement from The Summit Foundation about the situation that is happening now in Turkey-Greece border.

To the people of Kurdistan, Iraq, and the international media, as it’s clear and you all know, after the military obligation that happened in the city of Idlib in Syria between the Turkish and the Russian forces, the government of Turkey opened it’s border to let immigrants cross the borders to Europe countries.

Turkey’s decision about opening the borders for the immigrants, is a political decision and it’s a push card for Europe and NATO countries. There are more than four million immigrants are living in Turkey, and thousands of other Syrian will immigrate soon or later. There are thousands of people who are going to the borders in the hope of getting to Europe. The Summit Foundation is warning people about how dangerous this situation is;

1- This decision is a political push card that is used by Turkey, so it can be cancelled at anytime and things can terribly go wrong for the immigrants.
2- Opening the borders in Turkey, does not mean opening borders in Greece and Bulgaria. The Europe countries are taking serious steps to prevent the immigrants from entering the countries.

3- At this time, the weather is in a bad condition because of the cold and the heavy waves of the sea. Also, gathering a large number of people in a place is a danger itself because diseases will be spread, specially, now the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is around which is a deadly virus and a real threat to humanity.

4- Even when immigrants make it to europe, it’s certain that most of the immigration cases will be rejected and getting the chance of getting citizenship is really low.

5- This situation is a golden chance for the people who trade with human souls and do human trafficking to make larg amount of money. These people have no respect for human lives and humanity. They put the people in old and small yachts and boats that will lead to tragic incidents.

6- We ask the media to feel responsible about the situation and to not make people immigrate.
The Summit Foundation is warning people about the dangers and the risks of immigration. We ask the people, especially in this time when the weather is not in their favor and diseases are out there, to not think about illegal immigration until the situation will go back to it’s normal phase.

The Summit Foundation For Refugee and Displaced Affairs
December 29th, 2020

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