The Summit Foundation welcomed Dr. Ammar Al-Naji:

 The Summit Foundation welcomed Dr. Ammar Al-Naji:

On Monday, April 26, 2021, the presidency of the Summit Foundation welcomed the honorable Dr. Ammar Al-Naji and his assistants from the Sultanate of Oman in his official visit to Sulaymaniyah, which has taken place with plans execute several different projects in the city.

The purpose of his visit was to be aware of the humanitarian projects that are implemented in Sulaymaniyah, KRG, and Iraq in general and he specifically visited the Summit Foundation because of their constant assistance to the refugees and immigrants all across Iraq.

After explaining the projects and activities of the Summit Foundation, Dr Ammar showed his appreciation and gratitude to the efforts Summit Foundation to help people in need.

The Summit Foundation of Refugees and Displaced Affairs

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